Holistic Therapy using the e-Lybra Bio-Field Balancing System

Balancing, Harmonising the Being

The e-Lybra 9 Energy Balancing System is a bio-resonance / bio-feedback device which can analyse and restore energetic balance within the bio-field of humans, animals, plants and land. If you are looking for a holistic therapy that is non-invasive, which works gently to stimulate wellbeing, then it is worth having a look at what the e-Lybra can do to help you restore balance in your life.

Energy Balancing Systems….and what you can say

Bioresonance Energy e-Lybra® 9 Balancing System

  • Is an energy balancing system that can be used to harmonise imbalances in the person’s bio-field and help bring the body back to its natural state of balance.
  • Is used in clinics all over the world.
  • Works alongside allopathic, complementary therapies and life style changes.
  • The e-Lybra® 9 balancing session is nonintrusive.
  • The e-Lybra® 9 energy balancing session has no reported contraindications.

Our bodies can be burdened with toxins from the environment we live in, the foods we eat, the products we clean our bodies and homes with. Bio-resonance can be used to promote Well-being and reduce harmful substances alongside lifestyle changes that support a healthy living.

The e-Lybra® 9 works through the layers of imbalance balancing each one in turn, like peeling away layers of an onion. The wisdom of the body dictates the content and the speed of any balancing process.

Using the E-Lybra® 9 we are able to scan the physiology of the energy body, the psychology of the mind, and the emotions stored in the cells, all along with the subtle energy systems of each individual. Many illness and dis-eases start with emotional or psychological trauma that upsets various systems of the body eventually causing illnesses, dis-ease and mental and emotional health problems. Bio-resonance can be used alongside lifestyle changes to help us address limiting beliefs that hold us back, in turn helping us to find harmony and balance in life.

The E-Lybra® 9 will detect and provide Bio-resonance patterns to help release the trauma and balance the associated energy around the damaged areas of the body. The e-Lybra® is also able to identify and balance interference created by our limiting beliefs and imbalances in the chakra centres.

Who can benefit from Bio-Resonance?

It is suitable for everyone from babies through all ages and can be considered an important addition to any other health programme. There are no contraindications.

Imbalances covered include:
All subtle energy systems.

The e-Lybra® 9 is used to balance the bio-field of the entire energy body promoting Well-Being


What to expect during a session

You will be seated comfortably and connected via wrist straps to the e-Lybra® 9 system. A Crystal Spiral may be placed gently around your shoulders or on a place of discomfort. Your details will be entered into a new client record via the computer, a bio sample is taken; this is either a few strands of hair or a fresh nail clipping. Using the computer to access the programmes, a series of scans will be run, to assess the imbalances in the energectic body. It is common for clients to experience a sight tingling in the body. This is perfectly normal and is not harmful. After the initial scan imbalances identified can be targeted with more in-depth work. Kinesiology testing is used to measure the level of sensitively or significance and can send the patterns that require further balancing to a ‘prescribed patterns’ data base for further balancing.

Your Initial Scan and feedback

Your initial scan reveals were your energy systems is out of balance, which remedies your energetic body resonates with and which underlying contaminates disturb your energy.

Once your personalised selection of categories are chosen by the e-Lybra after scanning your resonating frequencies the programme can then pick out specific frequencies for balancing; like in the example below; these are energetic frequencies that your energy body chooses to help re-balance.

The After scan shows how your body can respond to a bioresonance session. The first picture below shows where energy is resistant to change, the second picture demonstrates free flowing energy .

After a session

You can expect to feel more relaxed after a session and it is suggested that you take time to rest and integrate the session rather than return to work or start rushing around immediately afterwards. You may also experience an improved sense of mental clarity, vitality and optimal wellness. Drinking plenty of clear fluids is also recommended to avoid symptoms of detox and flush the toxins.


WDS (the e-Lybra developers) strongly recommend that all clients have an e-Pendant. This is to maximise the treatments, enhance distance healing sessions and acts as a storage device that is charged during an e-Lybra® balancing session. They transmit the patterns to a person while being worn or carried, working best within 3 inches of the body. The e-pendants also serve as a receiver for remote sessions. Remote sessions work on a similar principle to a Reiki distance session.

Healing from any distance

How does it work from a distance?

Part of the design of e-Lybra® incorporates a bridge to consciousness of the selected client allowing it to perform powerful energy balancing – at a distance i.e. client not present! Although this sounds a bit farfetched to the newcomer of energy balancing it is in fact standard practice. To make this ‘bridge’ as strong as possible the e-Lybra® provides a function to sample the hair or bio sample of the client which is resonated electronically and creates the signature of the hair sample. This creates an electromagnetic field and a unique energetic connection to the client. This ‘connection’ is then sampled and stored on the e-Lybra® system. When the client is being balanced at a distance the stored ‘connection’ is used in the circuitry to receive information from the client as well as to send patterns across this quantum bridge. Distance balancing is especially ideal for clients in hospital and can be very effective for calming children’s anxiety.

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