Rachel started her journey into holistic therapies in 1990 after attending a talk by a local homeopath. She found the concept of homeopathy made sense and saw first-hand how it was more effective than western medicine when she consulted a homeopath to unravel the underpinning issues that had led to a series of miscarriages. This led to the much hoped for birth of her fourth child and a deeper understanding, insight and interest of holistic therapies.

Her personal growth journey continued and once her youngest child started school she built up a varied portfolio. These included studying A level psychology and sociology and a BA in Religious and Educational studies. She studied level 3 Diploma VTCT in various complementary therapies, GCSE Human Physiology and Health, BTEC Advanced Diploma in Developing Counselling Skills, NLP Practitioner and completed a NLP Master Practitioner in Botswana and has studied with several recognised training providers in holistic and complementary therapies. Alongside studying she began a journey into yoga, tantra and the Taoist practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Here she discovered meditation and Qi and a whole new world opened to her, a journey that has led her to an understanding of how holistic therapies and meditative practices could bring about healing and balance to the mind, body and spirit. She has come to realise that the mind is a powerful place to stay trapped; whereas dipping into the trinity of mind, body and spirit and clearing the clutter of the mind seemed to pave the way to free ourselves from ourselves.

Rachel was first introduced to Bio-resonance in 1996 via the Biocom and allergy testing. Then in 2010 she rediscovered the Biocom’s potential to help alleviate her symptoms of endometriosis. When recovery in her condition stopped improving, Rachel researched many other therapies. Discovering the E-Lybra, developed by WDS (World Development Systems) she read about how their machine worked using Bio-resonance, she looked at other therapist using the e-Lybra and chose to travel up to Yorkshire for a demonstration. Amazed at the accuracy of the data the scans revealed, she was convinced that this machine could help hundreds of people address their imbalances that led to their poor emotional and physical health. She has learnt and studied with e-Lybra trainers and the developers and is registered as a qualified practitioner in Bio-resonance therapy and addiction protocols with the e-Lybra.

Now Rachel is inspired by her own journey to bring balance and harmony to others. Offering various therapies she hopes to facilitate journeys of self-discovery, bringing people back to their authentic self’s, improving self-image, reducing stress, empowering and building self-esteem and easing the dis-eases of the body. Elemental Balance looks to bring holistic therapies together to find the best possible package for your healing and well-being of mind, body and spirit.

Rachel offers bio-resonance balancing with the E-Lybra system to complement your chosen path. After a consultation to identify your needs and goals a bespoke package can be offered to bring well-being and balance in your life. The e-Lybra can be used to balance chakras, detox the body of harmful chemicals, parasites, bacteria and fungi, allergy testing and rebalancing, addiction release, weight balancing, physical and emotional imbalances, support after surgery, bring alignment with consciousness transformation programmes and so much more.

Alongside the e-Lybra Rachel offers various therapies to stand alone or compliment other therapies and conventional healthcare. She is confident in producing a package to suit each individual’s needs and wishes to promote relaxation and personal growth. These include aromatherapy massage, reflexology, Hopi ear candling, hot stone massage, Lava Shell massage, Swedish massage, Indian head massage, Chi Nei Tsang (Hara Shiatsu), basic Tai Chi and Chi Kung, and use NLP techniques, counselling skills, Shamanic therapy, and meditation.

She can support you with whatever you would like to create for yourself. If harmony, balance, well-being and health are what you are looking for and you want positive change in your life, please contact her to discuss how the therapies she offers can support you best.

Have you tried ‘everything’ and not quite reached the key to unlock yourself from your continued circles? Give Bio-Resonance a try.

Rachel Bavin

Rachel Bavin

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