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Lincoln Central, St Mary’s Street, Lincoln (3 miles)

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Route 27 – Lincoln • North Hykeham
Route 44 – Lincoln • Doddington Road • Birchwood (continues as service 66)
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Alight at the stop near De Wint Avenue, on Newark Road

What my clients are saying…

I was amazed at how accurate and comprehensive the e-Lybra was. I definitely felt clearer and more balanced after the therapy.
Julia Williamson, Healingmoon Reiki

The process is certainly a very powerful intervention. I would certainly recommend it.
N Stark (Shamanic practitioner)

Amazing for Pain Relief

Rachel did an intense bioresonance scan and then sent energetic remedies to balance my system.
Specifically she ran a pain program for some very debilitating nerve pain in my back that I had.
Within a couple of hours i had a complete turn around. This is very unusual for me to respond to anything for this particular pain. So this was such a relief.
Since that session the pain has come and gone but lessoned overall.
Im looking forward to continuing the treatments and being totally pain free.
Astoria Barr
PR/marketing manager
Australia Nov 2017


I came to Rachel suffering with chronic fatigue/adrenal exhaustion. After just 1 treatment all my symptoms eased. After 1 week of wearing the pendant I noticed drastic improvements in my functioning. After a course of 4 treatments, including distance work, not only was I no longer experiencing the symptoms but I was also more tolerant of foods I struggled with in the past. My joint pain eased, sleep patterns improved, my hair, nails and skin improved and I felt I was living with vitality and joy again.

The bio resonance work and Rachel’s personal work, intuition and advice boosted me from illness to health and enabled me to live a successful life. Thank you.

Florence. May 2015

When I had my first treatment with Rachel I was unsure how it could help me at 68. Due to a neck injury I was unable to wear an e-pendant to wear around my neck so I had a e-pebble to carry in my pocket. After about 3 days I felt energised and lighter in myself. This has continued for the last 3 months.

Eliza. May 2015

I recently used the bio-resonance pendant therapy while I was pregnant as I suffered majorly with heartburn and indigestion. My heartburn and indigestion improved greatly until one day after a shower I forgot to put my pendent back on, and my I heartburn came back. I realised I had not put my pendant on and I quickly rectified my mistake and once again my heartburn and indigestion had improved greatly. Also once I had given birth to a little girl. At 2 weeks old she started to suffer with colic at night. Me and my husband was kept up for hours trying to soothe her. She was put on the bio-resonance therapy and that very night and until now she settles after night feeds with no signs she is suffering with colic anymore. Needless to say myself and my husband are having better night’s sleep as well as our little girl. I believe this treatment has made a massive improvement to our wellbeing and would highly recommend it.

Lisa (New mum) 21st December 2014


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