Bio-Resonance Therapy, e-Lybra® 9 Balancing System

Energetic Medicine: Working with your bio-field to bring balance, helping nature to heal

What is Bio-Resonance?

If you feel you have an energetic imbalance, Bio-energetic balancing may be able to help. I have worked with many clients in the Lincolnshire area that have benefited from this technique. Bio resonance is used to harmonise imbalances in a Being’s bio-field to bring the Being back to its natural state. It is used in clinics all over the world and works with allopathic and complementary therapies alongside healthy life style choices. The balancing sessions are non-intrusive and have no reported contraindications. More…


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Who can benefit?

There are no age restrictions for using Bioresonance and it does not interfere with other Holistic therapy or Allopathic Medicine.  You may notice changes after receiving energetic balancing, if you have any medical concerns you are advised to always seek the guidance of a medical professional for all health concerns. More…

About me

Rachel is a registered and qualified practitioner in Bioresonance therapy and addiction protocols with the e-Lybra. She was first introduced to Bio-resonance in 1996 via the Biocom and allergy testing. Later she discovered the e-Lybra, to balance her own conditions first and, to help others to address their imbalances that lead to poor emotional and physical health, she has learnt and studied with e-Lybra trainers and developers. More…


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